Iron Electronics, LLC
PO Box 1676
West Caldwell, NJ


About Us

Iron Sounds began in 2005, as the partnership between an Electical Engineer and a self-described "tone freak". Our first mission was to offer a low-cost, noise-free and easy to assemble 18 watt amplifier kit, based on a heavy-duty printed circuit board. 

Our product was a huge success on the forum and elsewhere. In addition, a limited number of JA-TMB 18 watt amplifiers were assembled at Iron Sounds and sold on the open marketplace, many to studio musicians who demanded maximum tone with the lowest noise floor possible. 

In 2007, Iron Sounds answered the demand from the marketplace for an easy-to-install, 100% transparent, true-bypass effects loop. Based on clean solid-state circuitry, the Iron Sounds FX Loop does not color your sound (like a tube would), and is the #1 choice amongst amp builders everywhere.

In 2009, Iron Sounds released "The Traveler", a compact 18-watt amp PCB designed for small amps that could fit as luggage in an airplane.

Innovation, Reliability and Affordability.

Welcome to Iron Sounds.